We enroll only 5 children per day, so that every kid gets personal attention. Please give your details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

About I++

Based on the research done by Cognitive Scientists of University of Michigan and University of Maryland, developed by Engineers and Educationalists from IIT.

This program has been successfully used by many children across countries. Ideal age is 7-12 years, but it can be done by children who are a bit older also.

Intelligence Improvement Program

  • Just 15 Minutes a Day
  • Online Windows Application
  • Improves Working Memory
  • Improves Concentraion
  • Improves Observation
  • Needs No Language Skills
  • Every Minute is Tracked and Reported
  • Personal Advice for Training Every Week
  • Adapative Software
  • Improvements Starts in 12 Days